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Find yourself wanting to know the odds? This dice math calculator tells you exactly what chance you have of getting the number of net-hits you need.

The Pitch Planner generates a randomized pitch complete with terrain that follows the rules in the organized play document.

Playing games on Vassal but want to replacate the full competitive Guild Ball experience? Look no further than this online GB clock developed for Longshanks by Owen Bell #312.

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Printable cards

Print the latest version of the Guild Ball model cards here in either double- or single-sided versions.

Printable tokens

Want the most budget-friendly token option? Print your own! You can print up-to-date tokens for each model, all conditions, and Game Plan tokens.

Printable proxies

Printable paper proxies allow you to try out models before buying them.

Download the latest Guild Ball module for Vassal and face opponents from across town or across the world.

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These community resources are no longer actively making GB content.

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